Manderes Beers on Tap

For more beer choices, please ask your server to see our extensive Beer menu for a list of bottled beers

Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron
A big strong brown ale aged in Palo Santo wood from Paraguay... (8 oz) 12% alcohol 6.50

Cali Belgique (Stone)
Blend a California IPA and Belgian yeast and you get this great beer from Stone.... 6.9% alcohol 6.00

Tripel Karmeliet
Belgian tripel malt from a farmhouse brewery, voted one of the best beers of Belgium... (8 oz) 8% alcohol 6.00

Italy's number 1 beer. A light golden lager brewed from the highest quality ingredients... 4.6% alcohol 4.75

Voo Doo Stout (Left Coast) Nitro
Have this incredible single stout that drinks like a double, winner of gold medals and beer lovers... 6.8% 5.25

Allagash White
An interpretation of a Belgian wheat beer, Full flavor with a touch of spice.. 5.5% alcohol 5.75

Hop Czar (Bridgeport)
Portland Breweries do it again with this Imperial IPA by Bridgeport, uber hoppy with light malt... 7.5% alcohol 5.75

North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner
Subtle hop flavor, leaving you with a crisp and clean finish... 4.4% alcohol 4.75

Greenfllash Double Stout (Nitro)
Imperial Stout with a huge mouth that will leave you begging for more... 9% alcohol 6.25

Specialty Belgian amber- rich, slightly sweet and seductively malty... (8 oz) 8% alcohol 6.00

Franziskaner Heffe
The oldest hefeweizen in the world, crisp and cloudy with a hint of banana in the finish... 5% alcohol 5.00

Koningshoeven Quad
Brent's number one beer with four times the malt and a smooth caramel finish. The bourbon of beers... (8 oz) 10% alcohol 6.00

Amber color with a great caramel taste- this beer is a dubbel from the beer gods of Belgium... (8 oz) 8% alcohol 5.75

Steelhead Extra Pale Ale
Citrusy, crisp and clean- for those that want light beer beer body and hops... 5.7% alcohol 5.00

Racer 5 IPA
This IPA is a true West coast style that all others are compared to... 7% alcohol 5.75

Allagash Curieux
A Belgian style tripel aged in Jim Bean barrels... (8 oz) 11% alcohol 6.25

Boont Amber Ale
A medium bodied pale with a copper color and a robust head with the richness of caramel malt... 5.8% alcohol 5.00

Lost Continent IPA (Grand Teton)
A wonderful beer with citrus, resinous spiciness one of the best IPA's i've tasted... 8% alcohol 6.25

Summer Solstice (Anderson Valley)
Silky, creamy dream like a cream soda beer you can't do much but enjoy... 5.6% 5.75


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